The Library Fish By Alyssa Satin Capucilli, Illustrated by Gladys Jose

When a fishbowl is placed on the front steps of the library with feeding and care instructions, Mr. Hughes the librarian welcomes the fish inside to become The Library Fish. This spunky fish helps check out books to patrons and travels in the bookmobile to get books to those that can't make it to the library. She loves meeting heros in the books she hears at storytime and helping each person find just the right book. When a snowstorm closes the library for the day the Library Fish leaves her bowl to read as many books as she can!

Bits and Pieces: The illustrations are warm and have a comfortable feel to them, but are also super silly and fun. Each character was diverse as far as abilities and colors which is always nice to see. This ode to the library is just what the library devotee in your life wants to read.

Favorite Part: When she wears a tiny fishbowl helmet to get around the library.

Not sure about: I think you can gather who left the fish after reading, but I wish I could have known for sure.

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