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April 7, 2023

"Agatha May and the Anglerfish” By Nora Morrison and Jessie Ann Foley Illustrated by Mika Song

Agatha May is a doodling, distracted daydreamer. Just like me! But unlike me, Agatha May has to go to school and pay attention. Her teacher gives the class the opportunity to choose what sea creature they will report on. Agatha May is so nervous someone will choose her favorite fish. She frets and sweats, but lo and behold she gets her first pick, the Anglerfish! No one works as hard as Agatha May and her report is so spectacular her teacher says “simply the best!” Finally! Her hard work and focus paid off. The other girls are astounded at the Anglerfish, they have so many questions! And Agatha May knows all the answers! She dreams of exploring the ocean and one day reaching the same depths as the Anglerfish. You’ll enjoy the wordplay and rhymes. Charming and unexpected! 

Bits and Pieces: There are fishy facts in the back! (Like about fish, not to be misconstrued as unbelievable facts) I love backmatter that teaches me stuff. About fish or anything else awesome really. You HAVE to read about their mating habits. WILD. Agatha May was easy to love. I like stories where a kid shares their passion with others and it gives them a feeling of empowerment. Everyone loves a well illustrated and racially diverse classroom and Mika delivered. 

Not Sure About: I would have liked a more solid ending that gave us a strong feeling that Agatha May wasn’t just happy with her grade, but was truly inspired to work hard and carry out her dreams. 

Favorite Part: Mika did such a great job portraying Agatha’s messy ways with her brushstrokes. She used watercolors, ink, brush and crayons.

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