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September 30, 2022

“A Spoonful of Frogs” By Casey Lyall and Illustrated by Vera Brosgol

Spooky Soup Season is the best season as far as I’m concerned. And “A Spoonful of Frogs” is the perfect book to whisk you away and into the world of the witches! 

Frog soup is yummy and nutritious! A plucky witch is trying to cook up this delicious dish and the very last step is a spoonful of frogs. But frogs … Hop. Jump. Leap. And Hide! Can this hungry witch get the most important ingredient into the cauldron? The answer will surprise and delight young and old readers alike. 

Bits and Pieces: This book was funny and charming and suspenseful and Casey is a master at page turns. I liked the name of the witch’s cooking show, “Bewitching Kitchen”. That was all Vera as it’s not in the text. A cute touch! My oldest godchild Reed strenuously disagrees with me on this, but I’m rarely a fan of digital art, it's just not my style. I can make an exception for this book because I was completely in love with the art. Made with Procreate on an Apple iPad. 

Favorite Part: I’ll need to choose two. 

One, the Frog soup took twenty-two cloves of garlic. Sold. Aside from the frogs. I don’t want to eat frogs. Second, was the witch’s hair. Flowy! Curly! Witchy! Everything I’ve ever wanted in a hairstyle. 

Not Sure About: Was this book perfect? You can be the judge, but I didn’t see one thing I didn't like.

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