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October 14, 2022

"Creepy Crayon!" By Aaron Reynolds and Illustrated by Peter Brown

Spooky Season continues with “Creepy Crayon!” This is the third book in the Creepy Tales Series after “Creepy Carrots!” and “Creepy Pair of Underwear!” by Aaron and Peter (I’ve decided we’re on a first name basis having read all of their works) about a bunny named Jasper. Jasper isn’t doing well in school. He’s failing his classes and needs some serious help. Enter the purple crayon, somehow it looks … happy to see him. Soon the crayon is helping Jasper ace tests and win school awards! Life is great! Until the crayon starts to act weird. Jasper tries to get away from the crayon and erase it from his life, but the crayon doesn’t want to leave.

Bits and Pieces: I noticed Aaron dedicated this book to Rod Serling, Vincent Price and Roald Dahl, all excellent and spooky influences. That dedication makes all the sense in the world with the themes, plot structure and especially the chilling ending! It’s not really that chilling, this is a picture book after all. The illustrations were rendered in pencil on paper and are all black, white and purple. Very spooky! It also gives Peter lots of room to show off his talent using 3 colors to bring an entire story to life.

Favorite Part: My absolute favorite part was Jasper accepting an award he doesn’t deserve on stage whilst sweating profusely with nerves. 

Not Sure About: Aaron and Peter nailed it. No notes!

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