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October 6, 2023

"Dragon Cat Wins the Lottery" By Audrey Beth Stein and Illustrated By Alina Lutaeva

Do you have a super imaginative kid who wishes they could write their own bedtime story? A kid who you think just might be a writer in training? Or even an artist in training? “Dragon Cat Wins the Lottery” is a great book for those kids! 

Dragon Cat wakes up one morning in a bit of a funk. He’s lonely and bored until he reads about the local lottery happening and decides to buy a ticket. The next morning the newspaper announces Dragon Cat is the winner! He has won 100! What will he spend it on? But wait… why is there an otter in his kitchen? And why is the otter telling him “the others” will arrive soon? And why do they need extra bandaids?! Chaos ensues as 100 otters fill the house and proceed to have an absolute throw down blast of a party. He didn’t win money, he won otters! Dragon Cat needs them to leave. He doesn’t have room. He can’t handle all these otters! What would YOU do? At this point it’s time for the reader to create the ending. There are blank pages and a prompt to fill in words and pictures of how Dragon Cat can get these otters out of the house.

Bits and Pieces: The illustrations are lots of fun and black and white so your little artist can fill them in with their own imaginative color palette. 

Not Sure About: At one point we are introduced to a text chain between Dragon Cat and a bear, but aren’t told who that is specifically. Maybe Dragon Cat’s roommate? 

Favorite Part: I can’t choose between the Dragon Cat or the party otters. It seems too good to be true to have both in one story.

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