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April 26, 2024

"Escargot and the Search for Spring” By Dashka Slater and Illustrated by Sydney Hanson

Some time ago a friend put a terrible curse upon my head. A wicked and horrible curse. She asked me to name my top 25 Children’s Picture Books. I wailed. I gnashed my teeth. I begged for mercy against this task, but to no avail. Her intention to ruin my life was resolute. That list will be published on my website one day if I ever complete it (right now I am hovering over a cool 100+ titles and adding) but the good news is you can count on seeing Escargot on that list no matter the changes. I love Escargot. He is… magnifique. This is the fourth in the series and it came out as tasty as a fresh crunchy carrot salad or a rich hot chocolate, based on the weather you are experiencing. 

Escargot is experiencing ennui. Winter seems never ending and there are only so many sweaters to snuggle in and hobbies to partake in. Escargot must go out and search for spring! When a snowbank (fluffy white bunny) follows him, Escargot becomes concerned that the reader will like the bunny better. But you don’t need to be concerned. There are still lots of snail kisses, friendship and carrots for all.

Bits and Pieces: The best part of Escargot as a series is the read aloud-ability. The French words and accent encourage readers to use their best French accents and maybe even learn some French words. 

Not Sure About: I may be biased, but I cannot possibly bring myself to say anything other than nice things about Escargot. He can be quite insecure. 

Favorite Part: I love how Escargot goes through a full range of emotions in any given moment. He’s sad! He’s competitive! He’s smoochy! He’s the best! At this point I identify as Escargot in my own life. 

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