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February 2, 2024

"Glitter Everywhere!: Where It Came From, Where It's Found & Where It's Going" By Chris Barton and Illustrated by Chaaya Prabhat

I'm going to be adding more non fiction book reviews to the blog this year and I'm extra excited to start with *throws a handful of glitter in the air but it doesn't get in your hair so don't worry

Love it or hate it, everyone has dealt with glitter getting EVERYWHERE! While I love glitter and sparkles and shiny stuff, when I got this book home, I secretly hoped no real glitter would fall out. Spoiler: It did not. All clear! This is also my first non fiction review and I'm going to be adding more non fiction going forward. Chris takes us down the winding path of the history of glitter (did you know it used to be called “Flitter”?) from ground up shiny beetle shells, mica, to today’s *biodegradable glitter. The book follows three ethnically diverse kids around as they learn why glitter sticks to you, why humans love shiny stuff and other science facts. All your glitter questions will be answered in this charming glitter-rific book!

Bits and Pieces: Makers of glitter use the hexagon layout to punch glitter bits out. That is why glitter is honeycomb shaped, to prevent waste in the sheets used to make glitter. Bees are so smart. I love cool facts, glitter and bees, so this will be my new fun fact I share with unsuspecting people.

Not Sure About: *Chris warns the reader that even biodegradable glitter may not really be a better option. Some companies aren’t honest about their glitter. Obviously I am not sure about the reason there are lying liars lying about glitter. I suppose the best thing you can do is research your glitter thoroughly before buying.

Favorite Part: The beetle illustrations, duh. Chaaya did a sparkling and fantastic job! She used digital methods.

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