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March 17, 2023

"How to Party Like a Snail" By Naseem Hrab and Illustrated by Kelly Collier

Snail loves to party! Well. Snail loves to party. Quietly. He loves the hush before the candle is blown out on the cake, the sound of confetti falling and using his indoor voice to make new friends. No one else seems to quite understand his need for a quiet party and soon his rooted in place neighbor, Stump, is getting more invitations than he is. Snail decides to throw a party for himself with all his favorite things: blanket burrito, soft lullabies and warm milk. Or in his words, “I’ve got my shell, my milk, my blankies and my lullies. What could be missing?” Except… something is missing! Stump chimes in with “Maybe your party is just missing … a friend?”. Cue the adorable Shhhell puns, favorite jammies with matching party hats and the two of them partying in their hearts all night long. 

Bits and Pieces: Pretty sure no one is going to be surprised that I adored this book about a snail in jammies. Kelly is Shhhurely a snail connoiShhheur as she is able to paint Snail in a way that makes you empathize with his Shhhoft party ways. (Am I taking the “Shhh” pun too far? No. No I am not.) Her website doesn’t say in what medium she works so my educated guess is… digital?

Not Sure About: I was sure everything in this book was amazing. 

Favorite Part: It would be impossible to choose. The Snail Mail delivery? Stump knitting an entire scarf while Snail figures out he needs a friend to party with? The bear twerking to the beat? The worm working the limbo bar? Everyone wearing party hats? Snail’s tagline of “Merp.” Calling lullabies, “My lullies”. Just get this book for the lord’s sake. 

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