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March 3, 2023

I Don't Care By Julie Fogliano and Illustrated by Caldecott Honorees Molly Idle and Juana Martinez-Neal

My wonderful writing coach Esther Hershenhorn recommended this book to me and as usual her taste is flawless. Side note, if you are a writer needing help on your craft, she’s your gal. Starting out with the refrain “I don’t care”, two girls share the small things that don’t matter, to the big things that do. The story rhymes, but more in a soothing way than a jumpy, upbeat rhythm. The two illustrators are real life besties that collaborated in graphite, to bring these two girls to life. Each chose their favorite color in addition to the gray of the graphite and as the book proceeds, the colors eventually merge. The last line of the book is a real treat. This would be the perfect gift to give to your friend after a fight. Or just a friend you love but still kind of want to strangle? Totally up to you.

Bits and Pieces: Juana and Molly planned on illustrating this work together when they lived in the same state, but then Juana moved across the country and they sent the illustrations back and forth. NPR did a review where they talked about their different styles blending together and how they achieved a style they liked. I have lots of friends, but if I had to work with even one of them on a project of this magnitude, I would probably lose my mind (sorry ladies) because I am very bossy and full of myself and my opinion. Also so are they. Ha! So I was extra impressed that Juana and Molly created this masterpiece together. 

Not Sure About: This was a sweet and thoughtful book, no notes! 

Favorite Part: Hmmm probably the illustrations. I loved the soft gray tones and the bubbles of color that carried the story’s emotional plot.

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