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January 13, 2023

"Library Girl" HOW NANCY PEARL BECAME AMERICA'S MOST CELEBRATED LIBRARIAN By Karen Henry Clark Illustrated by Sheryl Murray

Y'all It’s me! Just kidding. But this is based on a real story. Nancy Pearl gets teased at school and called “Library Girl” because of her deep love of books. She spends her afternoons in the school library and upon learning the public library is open on Saturdays, she spends the rest of her time there. A kind and thoughtful librarian recognizes a fellow book lover and encourages Nancy to read and bolster her self confidence through speaking out. Nancy gives a talk about “horse books” to the other children and becomes a recognized book aficionado. Finding her true passion, Nancy grows up to become America’s Most Celebrated Librarian!

Bits and Pieces: Libraries! The place I feel most at home. Except for … home. If you haven’t visited a library lately, I’m not sure you’ll understand the magic they hold. Nancy, Karen and Sheryl all get it. The illustrations are a thing of wonder with Nancy’s imagination soaring through her reality.

Not Sure About: I wish I knew how Sheryl created those luminous drawings. The translucent blues and yellows were just gorgeous.

Favorite Part: She named her bicycle “Charger”. Having a bike is such a status thing when you are little and the fact Nancy named hers and pretended it was a horse made SO much sense to me. Oooo also in real life Nancy has a superhero figurine made of her. Seriously why won't I change this section to "Favorite Parts"?

BONUS! The Author has tons of fun printables and complimentary activities for kids and teachers alike on her website! https://www.karenhenryclark.com/library-girl

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