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September 23, 2022

“Lizzy and the Cloud” By Terry Fan and Eric Fan

Lizzy and the Cloud is the first Fan Brothers book I‘ve read even though these authors/brothers are uber popular. When I'm choosing books to review I like to go by my mood, the cover, and how the book feels in my hands. Lizzy and the Cloud has weight. The first read through is simple. In an alternate world of muted misty blue, lemony yellow, soft gray and a hint of grass green tones, lives Lizzy. One day at the park she buys a cloud from the cloud vendor. She reads her care instructions and the cloud begins to grow and grow. Lots of stories deal with the “too big pet” theme, but the Fan Brothers have a view on the cost and benefit of letting go that seems original. If you have small kids, I think this could be an easy opening for larger conversations on the themes of caring for others, paying attention to what they need versus what you want and even a hint of making decisions independent of parents.  

Bits and Pieces: If you’re a reader of this blog you know I adore pencil and ink illustrations. These are pencil with digital coloring, but come across old fashioned in the best way. Usually I’m not drawn to slower picture books. Attention spans being shorter nowadays (Please don’t @ me this is a fact, not my opinion), I am looking for a faster pace and an upbeat rhythm. This one is slow enough to be an excellent bedtime book, and thoughtful in several ways that could bring up fulfilling conversations between you and your little. 

Favorite Part: When the cloud returns Lizzy’s kindness by watering all her rare orchids, plants and ferns, then creating a rainbow in her bedroom. I also liked how independent Lizzy was from her parents. They let her care and make decisions about her cloud and never stepped in to manage. 

Not Sure About: A beautiful story and book, but I’m not sure a kid would reach for it over a super bright and exciting cover. You might have to convince them!

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