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February 2, 2024

"Mara Hears in Style" By Terri Clemmons and Illustrated by Lucy Rogers

Hooray and Huzzah and WooHoo, I finally got my copy! The author, Terri, is in my new critique group and she is an amazing writer. Her feedback on my manuscripts has been super helpful. And she stays awake while reading them, unlike my cats who fall asleep immediately and wound me with their apathy. 

It’s so important to build empathy and understanding, especially when today’s culture is all about making snap judgements. Mara’s story is a great introduction to learning that it’s OK to ask questions and get to know people who might operate differently from you. It’s Mara’s first day at a new school and while she loves her colorful purple hearing aids and hot pink ear molds, what if the other kids all stare? All through the day, overwhelming noises threaten to lead to misunderstandings and awkwardness, but Mara soon learns that her hearing aids are actually a superpower to making new friends!

Pre-Order this magical book HERE. A quick word on Pre-Orders. You might think pre-ordering a copy doesn’t matter if you plan on buying it either way, but preordering lets the publisher know there’s a strong demand and urges them to print more. And isn’t a book about friendship, disabilities and being brave the type of book we all want to see more of?


Bits and Pieces: Lucy works in digital illustrations on an iPad Pro. I think my favorite part of her work on this book was the color palette. I loved the diversity in this book, kids in wheelchairs, kids with vitiligo, amputations, sensory issues etc… Lucy has a gift for showing us a spectrum of kids having fun at school. 

Not Sure About: I didn’t know what earmolds are, as opposed to hearing aids so I had to look it up. But honestly it was just another learning opportunity for anyone unfamiliar with the term! 

Favorite Part: Learning some ASL! Throughout the book we have the opportunity to learn some signs. Not only fun, you can show off your new sign skills to any new friends you make!


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