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November 3, 2023

"Mermaid and Pirate" By Tracey Baptiste and Illustrated by Leisl Adams

Mermaids are having a moment and I am on board. Is that a pun? Yes? Perhaps? About a ship and being on board and mermaids... maybe? Pretty sure I’ve lost the thread and need to get back to reviewing this sweet book. Ahmn. Mermaid and Pirate is a beautiful story both in words and illustrations. Tracey and Leisl are a perfect match.

A storm is brewing and Mermaid and Pirate are excited and ready. But when the storm blows Pirate’s food overboard the Mermaid dives down to grab the sack at the same time the Pirate casts a net. Instead of his goods he draws up Mermaid! She hears “Aargh” and he hears “glub glub!” when they try to communicate. But even with a language barrier the two become friends and later Mermaid ends up saving Pirate from a shark. I think the lesson is they are able to keep their friendship going even with different backgrounds and breathing requirements. 

Bits and Pieces: Eeek! It’s my favorite colors again. I’m always dreaming in blues and greens and wishing I was in water. Leisl (gosh that’s a lovely name) gave us bright colors and really attractive protagonists. Like. Both are really good looking. People will compare this to The Little Mermaid, but this was better because no one was giving up their voice for a man. 

Not Sure About: Why was the pirate on that giant ship alone? He must be a heck of a sailor. Now, I’m no seasoned seawoman, but when a storm brews you have to put your food stores below. My first thought was maybe we all stop enjoying the storm so much and secure the ship. 

Favorite Part: The Mermaid’s golden scales. And the coral reef. And all the underwater plants. And that everyone’s hair looking so good.

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