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November 11, 2022

"Mushroom Rain" By Laura K. Zimmermann and Illustrated by Jamie Green

The last year of my life has been lived in between researching and learning about mushrooms. It’s safe to say I’ve become obsessed. Thus I present “Mushroom Rain” by Laura K. Zimmerman and Illustrated by Jamie Green. I preordered this book the moment I learned about it and also placed a hold on it at the library. I was not taking any chances. My waiting was not in vain. The text is lyrical and pretty to read or read aloud. If you can read “Bizarre blooms with strange scents - some like bubble gum, coconut, maple syrup … others, the stench of burnt hair, rotten cabbage or animals long dead”, and not be like “WHAT are we even talking about!? Tell me more!” Then we cannot be kindred spirits. (P.S. I reread Anne of Green Gables who invented kindred spirits and thought it held up ok, but Anne of Avonlea? That book was like 10 boring stories placed in one book. I realize this is a long P.S. but honestly, L.M. must have been all, give me the check cause I don’t care about Anne anymore.) Back to mushrooms! This lovely book takes you through mushroom facts and types without feeling like a lesson. Jamie Green did a spectacular job with dark backgrounds and intricate details. I learned, I loved and will continue to share unasked for mushrooms facts with those around me. 

Bits and Pieces: What’s not to love? I own this book and bought another for my sister’s as of yet unmaterialized child. Also, it reminded me of Star Trek Discovery (heart emoji) which is all about the mycelium network. I looked all around but couldn’t find Jamie’s art medium. 

Not Sure About: Why Laura and Jamie did not invite me on a special mushroom walk in the forest and point out mushrooms to me and we would glory in the beauty of the mycelium network together and maybe get matching mushroom tattoos (Jamie is a tattoo artist so don’t tell me this isn’t possible) and then drink hot beverages while we forage in the afternoon light. 


Favorite Part: Mushrooms make it rain?! How did I not know this? I mean sure the title could have clued me in, but still. 

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