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February 5, 2023

"Nigel and the Moon" By Antwan Eady and llustrated by Gracey Zhang

Nigel is a boy with big dreams.  Huge dreams. Maybe too many dreams? Nigel tells the moon his dreams at night and the moon keeps them safe.  "Among the stars, he twirls, quietly soaring in the still of the night... Now the moon isn't the brightest body in the sky. Nigel is." During career week at school Nigel can't find the courage to share his dreams. "An astronaut. A dancer! A superhero too". Mom and dad encourage Nigel to dream big. With their love and support, will Nigel be able to tell the world his dreams and not just the moon?

Bits and Pieces: Oh my. I was not expecting to fall under the spell of this book so quickly. Nigel was so easy to root for, and his journey to self acceptance was satisfying to see.  I've been a Gracey Zhang fan for a hot minute and I'm so glad we got to see this gorgeous art (ink, gouache and watercolor paint) paired with Antwan Eady's poetic story.

Favorite Part: Nigel's parents. Eady captured exactly who I wanted as a parent when I was a child.

Not Sure About: I wanted more moon time! Nigel floating around in the sky was the most beautiful part.

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