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September 15, 2023

"Oh No, The Aunts Are Here" By Adam Rex and illustrated by Lian Cho

I ordered this book for the library absolutely pronto and as fast fast fast as I could because I am an Auntie. And also I can relate to arriving on the scene and at least two of my wee charges trying to cover their ears. (I can’t help being loud, I am SO excited to see them!)

“Oh No. The aunts are here.” 4 aunties BUST into the house to overwhelm a little girl with brown skin and curly hair. They smell like coconut. They fix her hair! They give her a dollar. A mint. Some peanuts! Aunties lick their thumbs and polish her cheeks. They take her to a museum. This little girl has to sleep on the couch as the Aunts take over her room. OH HECK. Now there’s a wolf! A wolf is going to eat the little girl! But her Aunts swoop in and save the day with fierce looks and weaponized hand sanitizer (“They read an article about this”). The little girl is surrounded by hugs and safety. Just what Aunts are made for. As quickly as they arrive they are out the door and bound for home. It’s quiet now. 

Bits and Pieces: All four Aunts were filled with joie de vivre and their exuberance was a hilarious contrast to the little girl’s beleaguered expressions. They all presented with different skin tones and sizes showing that Aunties come in more packages than just blood relatives. Adam’s text is rhymish and FUN to read aloud. “They have sun visors to unpack. Hand Sanitizer to unpack. Fanny packs. A snack. Pack that snack back in the fanny pack. Lip balm packed. Smack Smack Smack Smack…” Also all the snacks were nature bars and dried fruit and gum which is all any Aunt will offer you. 

Not Sure About: Why my Aunts don’t come over and take me on adventures. 

Favorite Part: The best line in the book was when the Aunts pulled up to a large building and an aunt exclaimed, “You must love living so close to the quilt museum.” You can almost hear the little girl groaning. Aunts are the freaking best. The illustrations were rendered in watercolor, gouache and colored pencils. Lian’s end papers were perfection and while I hadn’t seen her work before, you better believe I will find it now. Her ability to paint perspective is impressive. These Aunties had boundless energy and their personalities leapt off the page. Fellow wild Aunties unite and buy this book!

*Yes I capitalized “Aunt” and “Auntie”. Show some respect y'all.

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