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December 15, 2023

"Our Dragon" By Mem Fox and Illustrated by Linda Davick

I've got my wee nephew staying here this week and he is acting just like this little dragon. Teething is no joke. And to be clear no one is allowing him to set fire to his toys either, we don't usually let him have fire. Also he isn't shedding any scales. But the cyclone of emotions, me oh my! 

The dragon on the cover looks so mischievous you can just see this little guy making trouble. And trouble he gets into! Little Dragon’s favorite thing to do is breathe fire. He lights toys and shoes and all sorts of things on fire. It usually happens when he is upset. Mom and Dad give him a loooong talking to and Dragon promises to do better, but he still has several slip ups. This story is told in quatrains and would be a fun read aloud story for littles who might have trouble managing their emotions. What’s lovely about the book is the patience and love the parents show to Dragon when he messes up. It’s probably a good reminder for kids and parents to show grace in times of high stress.

Bits and Pieces: Illustrations were done digitally on a white background. There’s just something about a white background with bright colors that appeals to me. Dragon is mostly green but he has blue wings and dots and stripes galore! A very cute dragon indeed. Mom and Dad are shown as having brown skin and kind of bold fashion looks. Dad has these patterned pants on and Mom is in bright pink culottes.

Not Sure About: I think this would have made a great board book, it seemed like a story for little littles.

Favorite Part: How sweet the parents are about the outbursts. Dragon is doing his best, and his parents make him feel safe to make mistakes.

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