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July 23, 2022

"Out On A Limb" by Jordan Morris and Illustrated by Charlie Mylie

Before we jump into this week's book review, I wanted to make sure everyone knows my birthday is this week. Ok, now we can dive into the book review. Unless you want to talk about my birthday more? Which I'm up for. Or you can send me a present. Happy with either option!

There is a bonus section at the bottom of today's review if you are near or live in Kansas City.

A little girl named Lulu breaks her tibia and fibula and receives a yellow cast. At first, she has fun managing daily life with her new cast. Kids at school ask questions and she gets to recount the story over and over. But once the attention wears off, Lulu becomes despondent as her cast itches and even a visit from her Grandpa can't cheer her. Once the cast comes off Lulu worries her leg will never be as strong as it used to be. Throughout the book there is a secondary wordless narrative that shows a yellow letter slowly making it's way to Lulu. To retrieve the letter she must learn to overcome her fears and begin to trust herself again. Lulu eventually does both and we get a nice ending.

Bits and Pieces: The yellow, gray and black palette draws the reader to notice more details than a full color scale would. It also matched the slower pace of the book. I'm not sure if I spoil things by saying Grandpa sent the letter? But I would want to know if I was reading a review.

Favorite Part: Lulu's bear gets a yellow cast too!

Not sure about: I wish we'd gotten to see more of Grandpa. He seemed like a great character that didn't get enough time in the book. Also he was so cute looking.

Bonus! The Rabbit HOle, one of my favorite places (or it will be when it opens) is hosting Jordan Morris and Charlie Mylie on June 2nd for their book release party! Find out more by clicking here.

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