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May 4, 2023

"Perfect Partners” By Mary Amato and Illustrated By Kashin Kheiriyeh

Cat loves purring, posing and painting. But most of all she loves painting! Cat usually paints all alone, until one day she spots a sign offering an art club. Yippee! Cat is thrilled to meet other painting cats! That night she has a spot of anxiety, but the real problem begins when she shows up to class and meets … a bunch of dogs! Screech! Cat runs home scared and upset. That was not what she expected. She gets the gumption to try again and ends up having a lovely time with her new friends. The message is pretty simple here, but still important, give dogs (or people) a chance and they might surprise you! I always say picture books are for everyone. To some this might seem like a sweet story about an artistic cat and her amusing inner monologue. But to me it was a story about leaving your comfort zone, having it turn out differently than you expected and gaining the strength and wisdom to try again. I channeled my inner Cat recently, tried something new and it paid off spectacularly. I encourage you to do the same. Meow!

Bits and Pieces: Is this cat French? I don’t know. But her little hat and matching jumper tells me yes. She is a perfect (purrfect) little French une artiste. When I go to Paris I will be looking to Cat for her fashion la compétence. 

Not Sure About: Not a thing. High paw to the creators of this gem. 

Favorite Part: There is a mouse at the end. Ya’ll know how I adore a mouse moment. I saw an alligator carrying a purse too. Rashin has mega awards and I am making an educated guess on her medium. Graphite and Acrylic? Either way I wanted to live in the world she created for Cat.

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