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December 31, 2022

"Sam's Super Seats" By Keah Brown and Illustrated by Sharee Miller

It's the last Book review of 2022 and it's a cute one!

Ack! Sam’s Super Seats is just about one of the most charming books you’ll read this year. Sam is a self love queen with cerebral palsy. Mommy takes Sam and her friends back to school shopping at the mall where they try on outfits, get matching friendship bracelets and laugh. When her legs get tired it’s time for her to find her “super seats!” In her daily life these include her couch Misty, named after ballerina extraordinaire Misty Copeland, (Side note, did anyone see Misty’s Architectural Digest home tour? She isn’t just a prima at dancing if you know what I mean) her seat Laney in Mommy’s car, and at the mall she meets a “super seat in training” named Maya. (Maya really needs pillows to be a super seat). After a fun shopping trip she and her friends head home to play and rest some more!

Bits and Pieces: Rest is important! You so rarely see kid’s books encouraging ease and taking a breather. Sam’s friends are incredibly patient and seem to enjoy taking the rest breaks as well. I loved the illustrations and color palette. Sharee did a great job of showing all the people with different abilities shopping at the mall. The art for this book was created with pencil and watercolor on watercolor paper and polished in Photoshop

Not Sure About: I can’t think of a thing I’d change! 

Favorite Part: The colors, the silliness of the girls playing together, the parents singing with Sam in the morning. I should change this section to “Favorite Parts”.

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