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May 5, 2023

This is a Story" By John Schu and Illustrated by Lauren Castillo

At my house John Schu is a celebrity. In the KidLit world he’s like … Kim Kardashian. But extremely different in all ways and in what he promotes. If you look at John’s website you might be surprised to find the event pictures at the school he visits are akin to a Taylor Swift concert. People are waving their arms in the air. Shouting his name and waving homemade signs. Freaking out and (probably?) dancing. These Kim/Taylor comparisons are my way of saying, Mr. Schu rocks.

His latest book, “This is A Story” is a sweet book about how a word, a page, and a book on the shelf can create a story. We see a family visit a library and engage with the librarian and the stories to immerse themselves in new worlds. The story tells readers that books “help us understand…everything!” While that may feel like a Utopian explanation for some, to me everything I’ve ever really needed to know was from a book. 

Bits and Pieces: I’m a big Caldecott Honoree Lauren Castillo fan and her “Hedgehog and Friends” book is one of my favorites! Her artwork is reminiscent of Ernest H. Shepard and his “Wind in the Willows” edition. Very homey and inviting and warm. 

Not Sure About: This is definitely a celebration book rather than a plot driven book. I love these, but it’s a personal preference. 

Favorite Part: I was overly involved with the seahorse balloon and it’s journey. I LOVED all the books on the shelves and picking out my old favorites.

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