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April 14, 2023

"Twenty Questions” By Mac Barnett Illustrated By Christian Robinson

Today I’ll be changing the review format a bit for "Twenty Questions". I thought it might be fun to share my twenty answers to the twenty questions asked in this book to peak your interest in grabbing this book off the shelf! 

  1.  9
  2. 303
  3. The Policewoman
  4. A series of cataclysmic snacktastrophes 
  5. A lovely brooch 
  6. A dare
  7. With the buffalo
  8. Hat Investments 
  9. The Baby koala 
  10.  It’s always the cat
  11.  Matching pajamas!
  12.  Her best friend with a suitcase of candy
  13.  Stewart 
  14.  Me
  15.  A warm soft peach
  16.  The book that will change you
  17.  Moira
  18.  Themiscyra
  19.  I must
  20.  I don’t mean to 

Bits and Pieces: Mac Barnett and Christian Robinson are kind of legends at this point in the KidLit game and I’m so pleased they teamed up again. I’ve read all their works and can give you the OK to do the same. Mac has taken us back to the basics of picture books with Twenty Questions and given the reins to the reader and their imagination. This is the type of book that parents and kids love as it changes each time you read it. 

Not Sure About: No notes!

Favorite Part: Question 12. I don’t want to give it away… but I was quite carried away with imagination on that one. 

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