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October 28, 2022

"Witch Hazel" by Molly Idle

Witch Hazel is a magical story that weaves intergenerational family lore through the relationship between Grandmother and Granddaughter. (Also, no baking! Baking with grandparents is the most popular trope right now so it was refreshing to get away from that.) It shows how the stories from our elders shape and guide us through our own life and experiences. Witch Hazel and granddaughter Hilda are magical when they are together. Hazel’s broom whisks her memories to life for Hilda to enjoy and admire. We see “memory” Hazel living from a young girl to the old woman she is now with every season of her life as beautiful as the next. This book begs the question: are memories magic or is making memories magic?

Bits and Pieces: Alert! I cried. In a good way, but still. Also, I am a crybaby so take that with a grain of salt. I’m making an educated guess here and saying that Molly used pencil or graphite with digital touch ups? Her illustrations are truly magic. Each page is a sort of craft paper brown and uses white highlights to give it a bright and shiny magical feel to it.

Not Sure About: Why I am such a crybaby.

Favorite Part: Loved loved loved seeing “memory” Hazel in a ballgown with her giant boa constrictor used as a shawl. Also, the background artwork inspired me and I can’t wait to try and mimic it.

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