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August 4, 2023

"Woo Hoo! You're Doing Great!" By Sandra Boynton

I needed this book this week, ya’ll. It’s been over a year of rejection in the publishing game and it’s … hitting hard. But this chicken knew. And he gave the exact message that got me laughing and ready to soldier on. Pick this book up for yourself or someone who needs a wee boost! 

As you gaze upon this excited and encouraging chicken shouting “WOO HOO! YOU’RE DOING GREAT!” you probably aren’t thinking "Looks like a tearjerker.” But you don’t even know how easily touched I am when it comes to children’s literature. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. Ahmn. Allow me to set the scene. We have a boisterous chicken who knows just what the overtired, overwhelmed, overextended, underprepared, and the lost need. They need a random chicken cheering them on! But when this chicken makes a mistake with his cheering, he fears he’s a failure. He needs a pep talk about how making mistakes is what we all do. That cheering others on is important. But the cheering you do for yourself is what matters most. 

Bits and Pieces: Self esteem alert! This chicken entered my life and became the most important chicken … in my life. The only chicken really. I don’t meet tons of chickens. Except my neighbor’s rooster who lives behind us and crows at 3 pm to wake us up. But we are awake. And he isn’t a chicken. Anyhoo! The point is, this chicken teaches a valuable lesson but in a fun and sneaky way and not in the usual preachy way most lessons appear. We can all use a boost to our self esteem, and this chicken is the one to do it. 

Not Sure About: I feel a little silly because Sandra is so well known, but I couldn’t find a definitive answer on her art medium. Does anyone know? 

Favorite Part: When the chicken is freaking out over his mistake a little mouse friend says, “But EVERYBODY makes mistakes! That’s how we learn. That’s how we grow.” Cue the waterworks. Pretty sure I’ll be talking to my therapist about this. I might even bring this book.

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